Life Stories

I have two fond memories of my Aunt Mary. First, Uncle Ron and she came to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for my graduation from Army basic training. It meant a lot to have them there spending time with me. I was only 18, and it was my first time away from home. The second, is when we went to Deep Creek Maryland, for my mom and dad's 50th birthdays. We went white water rafting on the the Upper Yough River. We were all having fun, and I still remember my Aunt Mary yelling don't get my hair wet. Fun times.

Francis Mardula

Mom said once they stopped the car (after finally realizing it was a State Trooper motioning them to slow down, not waving to them -- Mom & Mary figured it out because the trooper put on his "Smokey the Bear" hat), it took the trooper at least 5 minutes to stop laughing and compose himself before could approach the car and give them a warning)! I can just picture Mom and Mary waving!!!!!

Jennifer Southworth

So sorry to hear of Mary's passing. I always laugh thinking of the Taboo game we played where Mary kept asking what all the words meant, John Pollock kept using the words to refer to himself, Terree arguing with John about that and Courtney spitting on the floor and me yelling, "GYPSIES!!"
Right now Grandma and Mary are laughing about waving back at the cops when they were trying to pull them over.
Heaven is a swingin' ❤