Life Stories

Hello everyone.
I wish to sincerely thank you all for being here to honor the memory of the most extraordinary man I ever knew, my father.

To know him was to respect all that he had become, his integrity had no bounds or restraints. He learned the value of this trait as most of us do; through hard work, dedication to giving it your all, and most important, honesty. His golden rule.
What ever he set his mind on to accomplish, even when he didn't know how, he'd achieve. He never knew the word quit and he would not except it from us.

He taught us that one's word was more valuable than any possessions one may acquire in their lifetime. He is and will always be my best friend in so there was nothing we couldn't talk about. I was looking forward to whipping him on the golf course and pleasantly teased him each Sunday during our morning talks. I know now that each time I step out and look down a fairway or study a green, I'll hear his taunting.

Two weeks ago I tried to call him at the office and tell him I'd been woken at 4.00am by the overwhelming presence of, what I realized could only be an Angel speaking to my conscious. I was lucid and awake and knew I was experiencing something I'd long denied. Little did I know he was taken to the hospital having had a complication from so many procedures the night this happened to me.
     I personally have faced death many many times and so When I found out he was not well, it reinforced what I'm going to tell you here today. As with so many times in our fathers past, he overcame his challenges and came home having beat all the odds once again by some superhuman determination that I am only now learning to understand, respect, and achieve.

A few days later when I got him on the phone I told him he was going to be ok, to not be afraid anymore. That he had Angels looking over him, that he was not alone the other night. That this life is only the beginning of wonders in Glory we have all dreamed of.
He told me and others how scared he was of dyeing that night but I assured him that he was not to be afraid anymore, that this was in no way the end. He sat in silence and I could tell he was listening carefully.

He fought an amazing battle and one of the things his angel told me was I'm still here because my work here is not yet complete, my time has not come having faced dangers beyond description, that I still have work to do. When I realized what was happening in the early hours two weeks ago, a strange comfort settled over my soul and I knew there was no work left for my father to do, that his time was approaching. Little did I know he had one more task. He continued to sit quietly on the phone with me and listened to my story without comment. I could hear his breathing through the phone and I asked if he was ok? In the stillness between us I knew our eyes had filled with tears and no words were necessary. It was this silent understanding between us that I will treasure always. In a strange way, we were saying goodbye.

I find great comfort in my grieving knowing an Angel, his Angel pulled me from my sleep to deliver a message of Glory and hope. Daddy was a great man who would help anyone. He never stopped looking out for others until his final breath. The world and our lives have been made better as a result of knowing him and his rare smile but gentle heart. I will certainly miss out Sunday morning talks and I am hopeful my brother and I can fulfill Daddy's final request, that we can make that drive together and meet with his brothers on a mountain. Daddy's mountain.

Grant told me that our father never looked so at peace as he did the other day. Complete rest he said. He described it as uncanny. I personally believe he was in the presence of God's messengers providing him with the reassurance and comfort of the Glory of Heaven. I am certain heaven was upon all of them who were there looking over him as he rested like never before. A rest we will all come to know.

I'll close by saying to you all my father was a powerful force to recon' with. gentle and kindhearted in his own special way. His work here was complete and the extraordinary love of Christ has made a way for him to reach his mountain. I am certain we will see you on that mountain Daddy so keep a sharp eye out for us as you always have.

Your loving son.